Georgian Wired Glass Abbey Hey

Widely considered the ultimate in an exceptional safety and fire-resistance, All Glass and Glazing is proud to offer a market-leading range of Georgian wired glass products in Abbey Hey. Suitable for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications alike, we take enormous pride in providing Abbey Hey with only the most reliable, remarkable and affordable safety-glazing products.

The distinguishing feature of Georgian wired glass is the presence of high-tensile steel mesh which is actually embedded into the glass itself during the manufacturing process. When the glass hardens, the mesh is permanently held on the interior of the glass and can clearly be seen from the outside. By incorporating heavy-duty wire mesh into the glass itself, the resulting material offers outstanding strength and enhanced security, along with superior fire resistance.

Supreme Safety and Security

As the primary appeal of Georgian wired glass Abbey Hey is its enhanced safety and security, it is commonly put to use in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings. The glass itself can be manufactured either with total transparency, or in a manner that obscures and prevents visual penetration while still allowing light through.

Common uses of Georgian wired glass span the interiors of offices and schools, a wide variety of fire doors and countless essential applications in hospitals and police stations alike. An outstanding choice where protection takes precedence, Georgian wired glass delivers a wide variety of benefits including:

  • Enhanced overall security compared to standard glass
  • Broken glass panes remain largely intact, held together by the wire mesh
  • Superior fire rating of around 60 minutes or more
  • Outstanding durability guarantees long-term value for money
  • Available in a wide variety of specifications and finishes

All Glass and Glazing has been specialising in the design, development and delivery of market-leading Georgian wired glass products throughout Abbey Hey for longer than most. Regardless of the size, the scale or nature of your project, we guarantee glazed products and units of only the most remarkable quality and value for money.

Georgian Wired Glass Abbey Hey, Adding The Personal Touch

As a family business, we genuinely believe in the importance of injecting the personal touch into every service package we provide. We take enormous pride in playing a key role in our clients’ projects and will stop at nothing to help you achieve the results you require for a price you can afford.

For more information on the safety glass products we offer or to discuss a quotation, give the All Glass and Glazing team a call today on 0161 427 7800.

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At All Glass and Glazing we offer a comprehensive range of glass services alongside our market-leading product catalogue.

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At All Glass and Glazing we offer a comprehensive range of glass services alongside our market-leading product catalogue.